GCGW2023 | Global Conference on Global Warming



Analysis Policies, Management and Economics Renewable Energies and Sustainability Global Warming and Environment Digitalization
Basic and applied thermodynamics Economics of climate change Clean transportation Atmospherical changes Distributed generation
Computational Thermo-Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Energy policies & strategies Energy storage Carbon capture & storage Digitalization in the energy sector
District heating/cooling Energy policy and planning Hydrogen use in energy systems Climate change impacts Smart grids and renewables integration
Exergy-based analysis: Applications and eaching in academia Waste management Fuel cells. Climate observation Smart Grids
Energy use in the industrial, residential, transportation, agricultural sectors Water resources & management Energy-water nexus, desalination, waste water treatment. Ecosystem & biodiversity Big data, artificial intelligence in the energy sector
Fuels, combustion & gasification Weather forecast & cenario Energy, materials, waste and water: Resources and footprints Environmental impact of energy systems Process integration, process simulation,
Thermodynamic analysis Sustainability, resilience, & circular economy Health effects of climate change Optimization, process monitoring & control
Power generation and  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants. Hydrogen & fuel cells CO2 and GHG mitigation.
 Refrigeration and heat pumps Green buildings Global warming modeling
Renewable energy Greenhouse gas reduction
Sustainability Social aspects of climate change